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This of course was the title for our article on last Sunday and will be our theme or emphasis for the next few weeks since we are approaching the death, burial and resurrection of the Savior. We should go back to the four Gospels containing 89 chapters and review the great work and sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In the earthly life of our Lord, as in the life of every person, there were several great crises or landmarks. We want you to give thought to these “landmarks” as we visit the Gospel. The first of these landmarks is the birth of Christ Luke 2:1-7. All of us wonder what happened during the “hidden years” between His Birth and when He began His earthly ministry. Please note Luke 2:51-52 and especially verse 52. This verse indicates to us that Christ Jesus developed normally in every way as He grew to maturity to begin His ministry at about the age of 30.

The next landmark in His life of which the Scripture tell us came when at the age of about 30 He was baptized in the River Jordan by john the Baptist. To gain a complete picture of this event we need to read Matthew 3:13-17; Mark 1:9-11; Luke 3:21-23 and John 1:29-34. I will list some of the emphasis of the manner and significance of His baptism. As we have noticed, the baptism of Jesus is mentioned in all four Gospels, and the fact emphasis the important of this step in the Savior’s earthly life. Please read and give thought from the four above mentioned passages in the four Gospels regarding His baptism.

• At His baptism the Lord Jesus was declared by the Highest Authority to be the Second Person of the God Head (Trinity) God’s beloved Son.

• At His baptism, the Lord Jesus demonstrated the truth of that saying of His, “I am meek and lowly in heart…” Matthew 11:29.

• At His baptism, the Lord Jesus signified His willingness and His intention to be the Sin bearer and savior of His people. John 1:29 and Matthew 20:28.

• At His baptism the Lord Jesus portrayed the manner in which His Redemptive Work was to be accomplished. The word simply means to “immerse”. The baptism is a picture of the death, burial and resurrection or the Gospel. See 1st Cor. 15:1-4.

• At His baptism the Lord Jesus, as the Son of Man, was definitely anointed with the Holy Spirit. Now, we see the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit present at the baptism of Jesus.

• At His baptism the Lord Jesus left us an example, that we should follow His steps 1 Peter 2:21. I believe that one of the biggest stumbling stones in the Christian life is the mishandling of the teaching of baptism in one’s life. Bible salvation comes when one repents and trusts Christ as Savior. The next step according to Scripture is to follow the example of Christ in “believer’s baptism” because it manifest ones identify with the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. Please, if you have not followed the Lord in believers’ baptism or if you have questions as to your own baptism or the lack thereof get some counsel.

• At His baptism the Lord Jesus taught us the most important and deepest lesson of all and the

lesson is this; the full blessing of God can only come when we are ready and willing to obey. Look up Matthew 3:17.



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