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ROMAN 16:7, “Salute Andronicus and Jania, my kinsmen, and my fellow prisoners, who are of note among the apostles, who also were in Christ before me.” We all are very much amazed at the great Book called Romans. It is perhaps one of if not the greatest treatise ever written. Here we find the great doctrines of Scripture given to us to guide us and rejoice our hearts because of what God through His Son purchased for us.

We have the tendency to down play this sixteenth chapter of the Book of Romans. However, Paul in closing His Epistle to the Romans pauses to name 35 individuals by name and in most cases identifies them in some manner. Paul as we all are aware in this epistle takes us to the heights of doctrine. Perhaps Paul is now bringing us down to earth with the mention of these 35 servants of the Lord. Paul is writing from Corinth to the church in Rome. He is quietly saying to us that this wonderful teaching of the first 15 chapters must now be translated into action. The Apostle has left the mountain peak of doctrine and has come down to the pavements of Rome. Here we see Christianity in action. Yes, these doctrines revealed to us in this Book of Romans are taking on shoe leather and hitting the streets of Rome.

In our title to this study we have paused to select just two of these special people given to us in this last chapter of Paul’s Epistle to the Roman Church. Roman 16:7 gives to us the names of two of the 35 names listed in this chapter and they are Andronicus and Jania. Andronicus is a Greek name, and the name has been identified with a slave. Jania is a Roman name and can either be masculine or feminine. First, Paul calls them “My fellow countrymen”. This may mean that they too were of the tribe of Benjamin. Paul says, they were, “My fellow prisoners”. Of course Paul had visited his share of prisons. I am amazed how the Holy Spirit inserts so much in such little space. Now Paul relates to us that these two were well-known among the Apostles. Stop for a moment and mediate on this thought given to us by Paul. Paul says, “They are of note.” Last of all, Paul tells us that these servants of the Lord were in Christ before he was. Here Paul has given to us a biography of two great men in one verse.

While reading from this 16th chapter of Romans, the thought occurred to me that we are now going into our conference and a number of Pastors and other Servants of the Lord will be coming to the Lighthouse for a few days. It would behoove us to pause and consider those among us. Just as we often look over Scripture and names and neglect to see what God has to say about individuals we may also fail to see what God has done through the life of someone else.

Perhaps this would be the year that all of us both the Church family and guest as well would take special time to get to know someone that we have not met before. I’m sure that we would confess when we do this we are always blessed. Let’s make it a goal this year during the conference to meet Androicus or Jania.


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