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It has been our attempt in the past few weeks to turn our attention to the Gospels and the life and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have tried to emphasis different aspects of His ministry. Next week we will see Jesus on the Cross and the following week (Easter Sunday) we will see the Resurrected Savior. However today, we will see Jesus give to us 5 great promises as He proceeds to the Cross. These great promises are found in one chapter. This chapter is very popular especially the first few verses. The fact of the matter is, many of us have memorized the opening verses of this chapter but have often ignored the remaining verses. Please turn your attention to the great chapter found in John 14.

In these five promises we are equipped for our journey and service here as we wait for the coming of our Lord and Savior. One should read and reread this wonderful and powerful chapter that insures us of His daily support for us. Jesus said, “I will never leave you not forsake you.”

1. THE PROMISE OF AN APPOINTED PLACE… VERSES 1-3… In these three verses the Holy Spirit gives to us three thoughts: Their burden hearts in verse one; the beautiful home in verse two and the blessed hope in verse three. One will go from trouble to triumph in these verses for the first of the five promises.

2. THE PROMISE OF THE ADEQUATE PATH…VERSES 4-12…As you follow along you will notice that these verses will be divided into two emphases: The Way in verses 4-6 and The Works in verses 9-12. Of course the verses found here are very, very familiar to most of us. Thomas asks one of the most repeated questions found in religious circles, “How can we know the way?” The answer comes with both a provision and a prohibition. God not only provides the way for us but he also directs us in the works for him. (See also Eph. 2:8-10). In verse 9 the Father is directing the works, in verse 10, 11 Jesus is doing the works and in verse 12 the disciples are duplicating the works.

3. THE PROMISE OF ANSWERED PRAYER…VERSES 13-15…Please take note that we are given the method of prayer, both the motive and motivation of prayer and the maintenance of prayer. Someone has said that Jesus is our example in prayer, the Devil is our enemy in prayer but the Bible is our exhortation in prayer.

4. THE PROMISE OF THE ADVOCATE’S PRESENCE…VERSES 16-18…Of course the Scriptures teaches us that the Holy Spirit is our Advocate. Not only do we have in these verses the promise of the Holy Spirit coming to continue the work of our Savior but in the chapter of John’s Gospel number 16 we have extended teaching regarding His coming presence to guide us. God the Holy Spirit has come to indwell us; to instruct us and to empower us.

5. THE PROMISE OF ABIDING PEACE…VERSES 27-31…This passage begins with the same thought that is given to us at the very beginning of this great chapter with the thought of “Peace”. The Book of Colossians 3:15 gives to us a verse that is paramount in our Christian walk. He states, “Let the peace of God rule in your heart…” The word “rule” is the thought of our word “Referee”. The bottom line in our walk with God is to allow the peace of God to referee every situation that arises in our walk with Him. God wants us to have peace and He has provided the ways and means for us from salvation to Second Coming. Don’t miss the promises provided for us.


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