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I trust that you are taking a fresh look at the “road map” for the New Testament local church found for us in the 5th book of the New Testament called Acts. This is our ninth study. We must be reminded occasionally that the Lord has not left us in the dark as to the church and our responsibility toward it.

We come now to a chapter that has drawn much attention in our study of the local church. This chapter gives us insight as to the type of persecution that was found in the early church. There were problems within the body and the last verses of this chapter indicate to us that there was persecution from without. We must be reminded that the building of the church is the work of the Lord Jesus Christ as we are told that He is the builder of the church. He has told us that “He will build the church”. The Holy Spirit is the administrator of the church and He is working through yielded Christians as He did in this passage. We must also remember that here we have the beginnings of the church and its establishment and we are perhaps working on the flip side. Many believe that we are approaching the coming of Christ for His church. Are there lesson we should learn about the work of the church in this passage before us?

• God’s plan for His Church/work is multiplication. We note that this word is used rather often in the early chapters of Acts. If nothing else it means “greatly increasing”. From Pentecost on there were great in gatherings of precious souls. Acts 2:42, “And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved.”

• Multiplication many times brings murmuring as indicated in this passage. It was a conflict between the Greek-speaking Jews and the Jerusalem Jews. The problem was quickly settled however it was the murmuring that was the problem. The widows were being neglected.

• Christian leaders must fearlessly guard His work for His glory. In this happening a quick adjustment following a wise decision prompted a good outcome. Those of us who have been involved in God’s work realize that misunderstandings do occur but God wants to help us.

• God’s workers must stay at their appointed task. Notice in verse 4 the leadership recognized their calling and the work God had appointed them to fulfill. This is a powerful lesson that is being taught to the young early church but a lesson that is to be followed.

• Care must be taken in appointing leaders. Thank God He has given to us a very great example of our task of leadership and spiritual discernment from this passage in Acts 6. Here we have God’s standard for leaders to be selected and serve. The basis for their leadership was spiritual. The first two names do appear in a very important place in the early church.

• Perhaps Romans 12:10 might be the verse to share at this time, “Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another. The names of these 7 chosen seem to have Greek names. Remember it was the Grecians that had the complaint. Maybe there is a lesson here in that the Holy Spirit used those of the same grouping to help settle the problem.

• When we as God’s servants act wisely under His direction His work will prosper. Verse seven, how can we say it, it is a very sweet verse. Read again verse seven and see how much the Holy Spirit has packed into this verse. What a great outcome.


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