Lighthouse Bible Institute


Registration for the spring and fall semesters is held one week prior to each semester start date. Times and locations are announced at our church services two weeks prior to registration. If you will not be present during our Registration Week, please contact our Registrar’s office to arrange enrollment by appointment. Summer registration for elective credits will be handled by appointment only. New applicants and returning students need to complete the four-step registration procedure to ensure credit for the current semester:

Student Counsel—Personnel will be available to answer registration questions or assist with course selection for the current semester.

Registration—Sign up for classes and complete Financial Agreement.

Finance—Students are required to pay 25% of their account at time of registration. Make checks payable to LighthouseBaptistChurch.

Students will receive an information packet at time of registration. Contents will include:

Class schedule and room locations

Add/Drop Memo form

Student Credit Worksheet

Orientation flyer



Academic Classification

Students are classified according to the number of credit hours attained.

1st yearless than 38

2nd year……. 39–74

3rd year………75 or more 

Grading System

Incomplete coursework not completed before the end of the subsequent semester becomes an F. A grade of F may be removed only by repeating the course with a passing grade, 70 or more. Although courses may be repeated, credit for a course is granted only once. The last letter grade earned by repeating a course is used to compute your grade-point average.

A……………… 90–100

B……………… 80–89

C……………… 70–79

D……………… 60–69

F……………… 59 or less

I………………. Incomplete

P……………… Passed, no grade

W……………… Withdrew 

Class Add/Drop

Changes are discouraged after the semester has begun. Courses may not be added after the second week of class. Courses dropped before the third week of class will receive a grade of W. Courses dropped from the third week through the 13th week of class will receive a grade of I. Courses dropped after the 13th week will receive a grade of F. You must submit an official LBI Add/Drop form to the Registrar for a course change to be valid. If you stop attending class without officially dropping it, you will receive a grade of F. 

Grade Appeal

If you question the appropriateness of the grade you receive for a course, you should first talk with your instructor. If you are not satisfied with the response, you should inform the pastor. His decision will be final. 

Attendance Policy

You may miss up to 3 contact hours of a given course without penalty. After you miss 3 contact hours, your instructor has the prerogative to assign grade penalties for further absences. After you miss 6 contact hours, your instructor has the prerogative to drop you from the course.

If you are absent from class because you are participating in Institute-sponsored activities, such as participation in LighthouseBaptistChurch’s Big Day or special meetings, you will be excused from class for up to an additional 3 contact hours. Such absences must be approved by each affected instructor before the event occurs. Work or tests due on those days must be made up at the discretion of the instructor. 

Tardy Policy

If you are not present at the start of class, you will be considered tardy. If you miss more than 10 minutes of class, you will be considered absent. Two tardies will be equivalent to an absence. 

Withdrawal from the Institute

If you decide to stop attending classes before the semester is complete, you must file an offical LBI Withdrawal form with the Registrar. A grade of W will be assigned if your course perfomance to date is passing. Otherwise a grade of F will be assigned.

If an official withdrawal is not filed within 10 days of the time you stop attending classes, you will be considered unoffically withdrawn, will not be entitled to any refund, and all course work in that semester will be assigned an F. The effective date of the withdrawal is the date the completed withdrawal form is received by the Registrar. 

Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements are 108 credit hours. 

Auditing Courses

Students may attend certain classes without taking them for credit. Auditors do not pay tuition, do major assignments, or take examinations, but they are to do daily assignments and take daily quizzes. However if you wish to get credit for a course at a later date then you will be required to complete all tests and examinations given.

Members of LighthouseBaptistChurch are encouraged to audit classes to better equip themselves to serve the Lord Jesus Christ! 

Audit to Credit

Before the third week of class per semester, auditors may convert their enrollment status from audit to credit by following these steps:

Complete an Application form. You may obtain a form from the information stand at our church service location or the Registrar’s office.

Make an appointment during normal business hours with the Registrar. Bring your completed application.

Be prepared at your registration appointment to:

Complete a Registration form.

Complete a Financial Agreement.

Pay twenty-five percent of your bill.

Receive a student information packet.

You will receive a Clearance Slip from the Registrar. Submit this form to your instructor upon returning to your next scheduled class.

Students converting after the 3rd week will be handled on a case by case basis. 

Christian Service Reporting

Each student must perform a minimum of 45 hours of ministry related activity per semester to receive credit. Each student will receive a Christian service statement form from their instructor to sign and date at the final class of the semester. Students who do not attend LighthouseBaptistChurch must have prior authorization from the president to receive credit for Christian service through their pastor or his designated representative.

It is the sole responsibility of the student to ensure that they have completed the necessary hours for credit. The Christian service statement is a matter of integrity between you and the Lord, and credit for Christian service will be given on that trust.

Below is a list of pre-approved outreach ministries from which you may receive credit for Christian service hours.

Soulwinning (Mens, Ladies, Wednesday night) • Spanish Ministry (Visitation)

Bus Ministry (Saturday visitation) • Filipino Ministry (Visitation)

Street Preaching • Adult Bible Class (visitation)

Reformers Unanimous (Visitation) • Military Ministry (Visitation)

Jail Ministry • Prison Ministry

Maintenance Ministry (Janitorial, Bus mechanics, etc)

Convalescent Ministry

Leadership roles providing Biblical instruction

(Sunday school teacher, Ministry club teachers, Beginners, Jr. Church).

NOTE: Attendance in a service does not constitute Christian Service.

The main emphasis is hands on Biblical service including all aspects of the ministry. 

Elective Policy

To meet graduation requirements, a minimum of 18 elective credits must be completed. Some elective courses are offered by class only, and others may be completed at the student’s discretion by audio tape. Applying for elective materials may be done at the time of fall or spring registration. Billing will be included with the current registration. If you are interested in applying for electives during our summer period, please make an appointment with our Registrar at 461-5561. Payment during the summer period is 50% at the time of your request with the balance due in 30 days.

To receive credit for electives during the fall or spring semesters, they must be returned to the Registrar no later than two weeks before the semester end date (see Academic calendar on pages 30-31 for exact dates). Electives not received by the deadline may be applied towards the following semester.

 Tape Elective Requirement

Heroes of the Faith: Handwrite or type notes in outline format for each lesson. Include scripture references.

Christian Finances: Handwrite or type notes in outline format for each lesson. Include scripture references.

Baptist Heritage: Handwrite or type notes in outline format for each lesson. Include scripture references.

The Home: Complete student syllabus provided.

The King James Bible: Handwrite or type notes in outline format for each lesson. Include scripture references. Write a 1500 word report on why the KJV is the Word of God. Compare the KJV with another version. Include 5 foot note references.

Prayer & the Holy Spirit: Complete student syllabus provided.



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