Lighthouse Bible Institute

Lighthouse Bible Institute is not accredited by any person, organization, or government agency. Although we are not a member of the League of Fundamental Schools Renouncing Accreditation, we agree philosophically with its charter, quoted in part below. We neither,

…seek nor accept state or private accreditation, approval, or licensure of any kind. Such tends to inexorably lead to compromising Scripture methods, standards, and convictions since:

1. Government at all levels continually exerts pressure, imposes rules, makes demands contrary to Scripture, and seeks to gain control of any institution associated with it, and;

2. Private accreditation agencies, no matter how fundamental in their intent and origins, have changing boards and officers, thus possessing the inherent possibility of changing their standards. Such changes, historically, are usually toward a more liberal theology and world accommodating stance, and;

3. We believe each and every Godly institution and organization must be convicted that it has been commissioned by God. Thus, it should answer only to God and His Word, never voluntarily submitting itself to an outside institution for approval, especially the secular state, and;

4. That historically, Godly institutions, once accredited, licensed, approved, etc., tend to go to almost any length to keep such approval, even to compromising their standards, teachings, etc.

While Lighthouse Bible Institute is not accredited, the course of instruction and the individual classes are widely accepted by fundamental colleges and mission boards as college-level work.

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