Lighthouse Bible Institute

Course codes begin with two letters which indicate the department of instruction. The first numeral indicates the year in which the course is normally taken. The remaining numerals indicate the course. Bible courses are offered on a three-year cycle.


BI 101-102 Book of John I & II—6 credits

This course is a verse-by-verse exposition of the gospel of John.

BI 103-104 Harmony of the Gospels I & II—6 credits

This course presents a chronological study of the life and ministry of our Lord. Extensive cross references will explain opposed contradictions in the synoptic gospels. Major doctrines are examined.

BI 105-106 Romans I & II—6 credits

This course is a verse-by-verse exposition and detailed doctrinal study of the book of Romans.

BI 201-202 Pentateuch I & II—-6 credits

In Pentateuch we will show the fact that the books of Leviticus-Deuteronomy are completely tied together with Genesis and Exodus. The books of Genesis-Deuteronomy, the Pentateuch, take us in our study from Creation to the Promised Land.

BI 203-204 Paul’s Epistles I & II—6 credits

This course is a study of the writings of Paul and their impact on the church, with glimpses at his personal life as they effected the writings.

BI 205 Daniel—3 credits

This course presents the life of Daniel and compares his prophecies with prophecies found in Revelation.

BI 206 Revelation—3 credits

This course is a verse-by-verse exposition of Revelation which focuses on the end times and develops key prophecies from Daniel. The world to come and the end of sin, the devil, and this evil world are studied.

BI 301-302 Acts I & II—6 credits

This course is a verse-by-verse exposition that traces the lives of Peter and Paul as the gospel outreach shifts from the Jews to the Gentiles. False doctrines derived from Acts are examined.

BI 303 Hebrews—3 credits

This course is a verse-by-verse exposition of Hebrews that compares the law with the new covenant under grace in Jesus Christ and examines fundamental doctrines.

BI 304 Exodus—3 credits

This course examines the law of God, the exodus from Egypt, and the life of Moses. Exodus and Hebrews are contrasted to show the “more excellent way” of grace.

BI 305-306 Life of Peter I & II—6 credits

During the first semester we will study Peter’s life from birth until right after the crucifixion. We will cover his family, environment, occupation, calling, spiritual highs, and spiritual lows. During the second semester we will study the apostle’s life from the Lord’s ascension to his martyrdom. We will emphasize Pentecost, his deliberations on church issues, the open door to the Gentiles, his association with Barnabas, his confrontation with Paul, and thoughts from his epistles.


MI 301-302 Introduction to Missions I & II–6 credits; audio

An overview of the Biblical philosophy of missions, the call of God, the missionaries’ relationship to the local church, the missionaries’ relationship to the sending church and supporting churches. This course also presents the churches’ relationship and responsibility regarding the missionary family life on furlough, on the field, and on deputation, legal and political considerations.


PH 101-102 Church History I & II—6 credits

This course presents the history of Christianity from the first century to the present with an emphasis on the era since the sixteenth century.

PH 103 Heroes of the Faith—3 credits; audio

This course presents case studies of Christian heroes of the faith. Many heroes of the modern era, including Moody, Spurgeon, and Lee, are studied using multimedia.

PH 104 The Home—1.5 credits; audio

This course presents the roles of the husband/father, wife/mother, and children in the home. Family and church relationships are compared.

PH 105 Male Leadership in the Home—3 credits; audio

(Men Only) This course looks at the role of the man in the home from a biblical perspective. It challenges the politically correct notions presented by our present day society and is a call back to biblical manhood.

PH 201 Church Music—3 credits

This course examines biblical principles used to identify godly and ungodly music. Application to the local church is emphasized. The student is taught how to lead music and organize a church music program.

PH 202 Christian Finances—3 credits; audio

This course presents biblical principles of financial stewardship.

PH 203 Baptist Heritage—3 credits

This course presents the history of the Baptist movement, its leaders, and its doctrine. The importance of being a Baptist is stressed.

PH 301 Biblical Submission—3 credits

(Ladies Only) This course for ladies presents Biblical submission, the role of women in the home, how to teach other ladies, and how to teach children of different age groups.

PH 302 Women of History—3 credits

(Ladies Only) This course for ladies studies godly women from the Bible and American history. What made them great and how to apply these principles today is emphasized. The roots of feminism and its influence on the church are examined.

PH 303-304 Church Leadership I & II—6 credits

(Men Only) This course for men teaches principles of leadership needed for any ministry in a local church. Pre-requisite: 3rd year student.

PH 305 Biblical Counseling—3 credits

This course compares principles of biblical counseling to methods of secular and Christian psychology, and presents a practical, biblical framework for counseling.

PH 306-307 Shepherding I & II—6 credits

These classes are designed to teach the heart of the Shepherd. The lot in life of a particular sheep depends on the type of shepherd who cares for it. Scriptural principles will be taught out of Psalm 23. We will study His person and His untiring desire to care for His sheep. We will study the character and ability of Christ, the Great Shepherd, and learn how He cared for His sheep. Servant leadership will be emphasized. You will gain an understanding of the benefits to the flock when they have a good shepherd.

PH 308 Homemaking with Purpose—3 credits

(Ladies Only) This class is designed to help you embrace your homemaking with a renewed passion and to give you an understanding of the higher calling you have as a “keeper at home.” We will study and apply Scriptural principles on your role as homemakers and how you can use that role to impact the body of Christ and the next generation. This class will include a great deal of practical helps and hands on learning in the areas of home organization, meal planning, hospitality, teaching your children skills at home, protecting your home, etc.

PH 309 The Leader’s Wife—3 credits

(Ladies Only) This class is designed to help you be a better completer to your husband in his role as a leader. Whatever that capacity may be, you will have a great impact on his potential in ministry. We will study many attributes in the Bible of a wise woman such as discretion, grace, serving with passion, boundaries, friendships, loving and valuing God’s people, etc. This class will help you to define your position, understand your purpose, and embrace God’s calling for your husband.


TH 101 The King James Bible—3 credits; audio

An exhaustive study of the inspiration of the New Testament, early translations, the emergence of the Textus Receptus, the Westcott & Hort heretical writings, the translation of the King James Bible, and God’s divine preservation of His Word through the ages.

TH 102 Christian Doctrines—3 credits

This course presents basic Christian doctrines and examines false doctrines.

TH 103 Soulwinning—3 credits; no fee

This course presents how to lead someone to Christ. It is offered in ten one-hour Sunday afternoon sessions or by home study.

TH 201 Homiletics—3 credits

(Men Only) This course for men presents how to structure and present information to an audience, and how to conduct weddings, funerals, and other special church services.

TH 202 Cults & Heresies—3 credits

This course examines the major cults, their heresies, and teaches how to respond to them.

TH 203 Soulwinning, Follow-up and Discipleship—3 credits; no fee

This course goes beyond the basics of how to lead someone to Christ. It covers how to follow-up on someone that you have won to Christ, visitors to church services, and those that have made decisions in the public services. The basics of discipleship are taught. Tracts and follow-up materials are reviewed.

TH 301 Prayer and the Holy Spirit—3 credits; audio

This course presents the Holy Spirit’s role in prayer, what to pray, how to pray, when to pray, how long to pray, the results of prayer, and the role of fasting in prayer.


AB 001-006 Christian Service—18 credits

Each student must perform 45 hours of ministry per semester at LighthouseBaptistChurch. Three credits are granted for each 45 hour period completed. A total of 270 hours are required to graduate.

AB 007 Introduction to Ministry Internship—6 credits

(Men Only) Each student must demonstrate proficiency in procedures relating to the specific ministry of adult discipleship in the local New Testament church. Students must also exhibit an understanding of methods used for local church administration. A practical requirement sheet will be completed under the direct supervision of the Internship Coordinator and/or his designated representative. Pre-requisite: Graduate Diploma.

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