Lighthouse Bible Institute

Doctrinal Statement

Lighthouse Bible Institute, being a ministry of Lighthouse Baptist Church, holds the same statement of faith which is found in the Church Constitution, Article III, Doctrinal Statement. Article III neither exhausts the doctrines of the Bible nor supersedes it in authority for faith and practice. The Bible remains our final authority.

Bible Translations

Lighthouse Bible Institute accepts only the King James Bible, commonly called the Authorized Version of 1611, as the Word of God, holding all other English translations to be based upon faulty and heretical manuscripts, and thus full of errors. Private interpretation of the “original languages,” “better renderings,” and similar claims of improvement upon the Word of God are unacceptable in all cases and will not be taught.

Baptist Theology

The teachings of the Lighthouse Bible Institute emphasize our Baptist beliefs as we understand them from the Bible. We believe our style of worship and study to be in line with the early church as started by our Lord Jesus Christ. We do understand though, that salvation was given to all who will freely accept it, and hold all that have received Christ’s free gift of salvation as our dear brothers and sisters regardless of denominational adherence. Nevertheless, our doctrinal differences usually preclude any ongoing fellowship.

Kindness and Christian Compassion

The attributes of kindness and compassion are as much a part of biblical fundamentalism as any doctrine. No matter how pure one might otherwise be in their doctrinal position, without the spirit of kindness and compassion they forfeit the right to the noble title, Fundamentalist. While we must earnestly contend for the faith, we must, by God’s grace, do so in kindly communication, not in caustic condemnation.

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