New to Lighthouse Baptist

What should I wear?

Although the Lighthouse is an old fashioned conservative church, Pastor Fisher is more concerned with your spiritual state than your appearance. You will notice most of the women choose to wear modest skirts or dresses and the men in suits or dockers, but we want you to feel welcome no matter how you dress.

What kind of music does your church have?

The Lighthouse clings to the old ways. We sing from hymnals instead of from screens and our church has an orchestra instead of a band. We have a large choir as well as individual singers. Our music is conservative yet lively rather than contemporary.

What Bible do you use?

The Lighthouse uses the 1611 King James Version Bible. If you do not have a bible, we will provide one for you to use during the service.

Are there classes for my children?

Yes. The Lighthouse provides infant and toddler nursery ages 0-2, as well as beginners church ages 2-5, and childrens church grades 1-6.

How do I know my child will be safe?

We do not let just let anyone work with the children. Every person that wants to work with the children in any of the departments must undergo the full screening process. The Lighthouse has implemented the S.A.F.E. program to ensure your child’s safety. Each Teacher over the age of 18 is fingerprinted and has had a background check. There are always two adult teachers or workers per class and at no time will your child be left alone with just one teacher.

Do you have security?

Yes, we have a security ministry which patrols the parking lots during services.

What kind of spiritual education do you offer adults?

The Lighthouse has a wide variety of adult Sunday school classes, one on one discipleship opportunities and a varied assortment of Bible classes offered through the Lighthouse Bible Institute in which you can earn a three year Bible Diploma or just audit the class for informational purposes.

Can you pick me up for church?

Yes. We have a couple of options. We have a bus ministry that picks up parents and kids in designated areas of San Diego, we also have volunteers within the church that are able to pick you up for church if you are unable to take the bus or get to the church yourself. If you need a ride call the church at 619-461-5561 ext. 120.

Do you have any kind of addictions program?

Yes. Our church has a ministry called Reformers Unanimous that meets on Friday nights at 7 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.

Other questions? Contact us!

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